Impact100 Grants

Possibilities Becoming Possible

Broadening and Expanding Programs

Impact100 Garden State 2016: Doubling the capacity of an outreach program for aged-out foster youth.

Impact 100 Chicago 2016: Funding a Medical Case Manager and updating services, allowing RefugeeOne to better serve refugee adults and children suffering from complex health conditions.

Impact100 Philadelphia 2017: Tickets and programming connecting underserved audiences to the Arts and funding a documentary to demonstrate impact to future funders and program partners.

Impact100 Jersey Coast 2017: Supporting a Family Justice Center model to provide enhanced coordinated services for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Impact 100 Redwood Circle/Sonoma County 2016/2017: Pilot program funding to provide comprehensive nutritional services to people affected by (non-HIV/AIDS) other chronic illnesses.

Funding Equipment to Make a Difference

Impact 100 Westchester 2014: Purchase of new, custom-built delivery truck expanding the collection and delivery capabilities of a nonprofit that provides furniture to economically disadvantaged individuals and families.

Impact 100 San Antonio 2014: Purchase and repair of heating and air-conditioning units at Shelter and Counseling Center serving children struggling to heal from the trauma of abuse and neglect.

Impact 100 Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky 2016: Purchase of stove hood and new kitchenette at Dinner Club providing additional breakfast and dinners 5 days per week to homeless.

Launching New Projects

Impact 100 Fremantle, Australia 2015 grant to transform an unused bowling green into a social farm sourcing local cafes and restaurants.

Supporting Collaborations

Impact 100 Austin 2014: MakerSpace funding for the Ann Richards School, (a collaborative application by the Ann Richards Foundation, Austin Independent School District, and the Austin high tech industry), allowing low-income students to expand their knowledge in a designated space to tinker, invent, and develop skills necessary for success in the 21st century work environment.