IMPACT100  Essex  -   Concept

The concept is simple. Any woman is eligible to become a member. Each member contributes $1,000 annually, which is fully tax-deductible.

One hundred percent of every membership dollar goes directly to fund a transformational grant awarded in the areas of Children and Families, Arts and Education, and Health and Wellness. 

Our membership goal is 100 women, which would mean a grant of $100,000 to an eligible nonprofit organization.  But more and more New Jersey women want to make an Impact. Impact100 Jersey Coast gathered 144 members in its first year and this year is at 246.  Impact100 Garden State had 286 members in its fifth year.  Over $45M have been distributed by 40 Impact groups in this country and Australia since its founding in 2001.  That’s Impact.

Each contributing member has the option to pay $1,100 where $100 is allocated to support operational expenses. Membership is renewed annually. Each member has one vote and all members are encouraged, but not required, to participate in the grant review and award process.

# of Jersey Coast members
in the first year

# of Garden State members
in their 5th year

Initial membership goal
for Essex members