Governance Principles

Composition: Impact100 Essex shall be led by a Steering Committee composed of an odd-number of up to 15 members, plus a non-voting advisor from the Community Foundation of New Jersey. It will be responsible for defining the organization’s mission and for providing overall leadership and strategic direction to the organization, setting policy and approving disbursements in excess of $250. Any member of the Steering Committee may nominate a new member.

Two co-Conveners elected by the Steering Committee for a two-year term shall be responsible for scheduling and chairing meetings and setting the agendas. Meetings will be held at least 9 times per year with a quorum of seven members including at least one Convener. Members may participate by phone and may vote by email.

The Steering Committee will oversee the work of committees managing recruitment, communications, grants, operations and such other functions as circumstances warrant.

Core Model: For the 2017-2018 pilot year of Impact100 Essex, the Committee will model operations on those developed and successful in other Impact100 organizations, adapting as appropriate to best serve local interests and changing circumstances.

Consensus: We are committed to a horizontal management structure and consensus-based decision-making standard to insure flexibility as we move through our first year. Decisions will be made by a majority vote.

Transparency: We will issue regular updates to members reporting on the status of recruitment, outreach, grant applications, training, finances, and coming events.

Inclusiveness: We are committed to developing a diverse decision-making body involving women of different ages, interests, perspectives and experience, and reflective of communities throughout Essex County.

Responsiveness: Our intention is to review our operating and governance policies after one year with a view toward establishing bylaws by the end of year two.

Adopted June 19, 2017
Impact100 Essex Steering Committee

Margo Greenfield
Ellen Greenfield
Ann Huber
Rory Sweeney
Helen Mazarakis
Cathy Rowe
Kate Shoemaker

Heather Evans
Selma Avdicevic
Lee Heh Margolies
Lyn Rosensweig
Mayuri Chandra
Christine Curran